I am thinking about making a move, so I have been doing some research on different cities in the US; Denver being one of them. It has always seemed like a quiet place where you can relax and raise a family without worrying about some of the craziness others have to worry about. During my studies on the city, I found a few good and bad points.

One thing that I do not like about the city is the fact that cannabis is legal. I am not sure if that means people are walking down the street smoking, but it does make me a little concerned. I have always taught my children to refuse drugs, so the idea of living someplace where it is not against the law goes against that.

The food scene in the city is really good from what I can tell. I always imagined there would be all kinds of Tex-Mex restaurants there and places where you could get good coffee, but it seems there are a plethora of options in the city. For someone like me who really enjoys going out and having a great culinary experience, this is a definite plus.

Another thing I am a little worried about is the transit system. I have a car, which means I will be able to get my children to where they need to go, but I wish it was easier for them to get around on their own. It is probably pretty simple for those who have gotten used to it; I will have to do a little more research on that.

It may seem like I am focusing on the negative points, but I am just trying to decide if these are things I can get past. I do not want to make a move and have regrets later.

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