Moving Us to Denver

My brothers and sisters are happy because my parents have decided to move to Denver, but I am not as thrilled as they are. The fact that I will be in an entirely different part of the US is something I really cannot wrap my head around. The idea is more than I can handle, yet everyone is acting like I am being a brat about it.

The main problem I am having is the fact that I want to be a hip-hop artist. We live in New York City now, so there is far more opportunity for me to make it there. Have you ever heard of a successful rapper who got there start in the state of Colorado? I haven’t either. I am trying to convince them to let me stay with my aunt and uncle, who are more than willing to let me stay there, but they keep rambling on about the family not being apart.

If I was like 10 I could understand their reluctance, but I am nearly 17 years old. They can make me move there now, but I will just leave in a year once I am legally an adult. I feel like they should save themselves the trouble and let me stay in NYC. I talked to my grandfather last night and he said that he would talk to them about it over the weekend.

I know that Denver has a great environment, decent schools, low crime and places where people can go to ski the slopes, but I am not really impressed by all of these things. I would rather live someplace that is more fast paced, even if it means that I will be exposed to crime more I would if I lived in Denver.

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