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Every year, the national publication Education Week ranks states on their performance in support of K-12 schools. Its latest report ranked Colorado 41st in the nation, and gave our state a letter grade of F, compared with a national average of D.

Meanwhile, The Denver Post reports that an exploratory committee will decide whether Denver should bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics, at a projected cost of $2 billion. At this early stage, the committee claims its goal would be to finance the project without taxpayer dollars. That’s a splendid goal. But if Denver actually makes and wins a Winter Olympics bid, Colorado taxpayers could learn once again that pigs rarely fly.

Which government priorities matter here? This election year, voters should ask candidates for governor and legislators this simple question: Would you support a ballot initiative forbidding using tax dollars for the Winter Olympics as long as financial support for K-12 education ranks below the national average?

Jim Crawford, Broomfield

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